Hi there!
Welcome to my Blog spot....
If your looking for some HOT Phone~Sex
with a
Sexy Slutty Southern Blonde
Look no further! :)~

You can find me playing and taking calls on Niteflirt.com

You can also Text ME on Niteflirt 1 on 1
*If you call and the call does not connect or 
*if NF says, I am not there text me!
If you have a problem, write to me or customer support! 

I will be on Niteflirt and I will be taking calls because
love talking to you!

I do BLOG daily at both
http://callenvy.com/callenvyblog.html/ and
http://callenvy.blogspot.com   <~ My Sissy blog

DID you know I have been taking calls on Niteflirt
    for 9 years now! OMG!

I have taken over 96,000 calls !
That's a lot of wanking!! 

check out my blog and you will see with new photos added daily!

If you would like to contact me  go to ...


What hours am I on to play with you? Good Question!
I take calls from 7am - midnight Monday through Friday...Sometimes later
(I am on weekends too! 9am - midnight or later but I do take off here and there)

*Just look for my call button to be on :) OR "TEXT ME" (:
but please remember ...
I am a Woman, and I do have a lifebut feel free to write to me or text me, if you see my "AWAY" / "Send Mail" button on*

Do I meet anyone from the internet or Niteflirt?
HELL Noooooo!!!!!
Look at me! Does it look like I need a you? HA
You do realize, I'm a married women! A REAL MILF!
You're Lucky you get to "play" with me at ALL!!
*But, I'm Lucky too because I
Love playing with You!

Do I take any other forms of payment other than Niteflirt?
Nooooo. Niteflirt is the "ONLY" way you can Call  ME!
I do Not take any other forms of payment.
*BUT, I do love Victoria Secrets online gift cards and Amazon gift cards
.gifts, not for payments. And I love Tributes too! :)~
*Your First 3 mins on Niteflirt               Are Free! So Call Me! Or Text ME!
I look forward to hearing from you! CallEnvy!
1 800 TO FLIRT!
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